OLG Gave the most Cans for the 2019 Season to Catholic Charities

What is 40 CANS FOR LENT®?

It is a program designed to help fight hunger. An opportunity to take a small sacrifice and turn it into a big difference in the lives of others.


While Christian based, is entirely non-denominational.  Christianity is not a requirement. The program is open to those of all beliefs and most especially to those with no belief.  All that is required is the desire to help others.

The Program is simple

Collect one can of food per day during the 40 days of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, and then one extra can per person on Easter Sunday. Drop off your cans at any time throughout the Season to ANY church, organization or charity that collects and distributes food to those in need.

Designated drop-off locations are preferred, but God doesn't care as it gets to the people that need it.

In the beginning...

On September 25, 2010, Dennis Chaput woke up suddenly, needing food to raise his blood sugar. He got up, ate, and, while waiting for sleep to return, was given a vision from God.  In this vision God outlined a plan to fight hunger around the world.

God told him...

As you prepare for Easter by sacrificing during Lent, remember the 40 days and nights that Christ spent in the desert, without food or water, praying and preparing for his sacrifice on behalf of mankind. During this Season, have each person donate one can of food each day.

God called His plan


And then He asked Dennis, "Will you feed my people?"  Dennis said, "YES".

Now God is asking you................... What will you say?

Mission Statement

40 CANS FOR LENT®is a program given to us by God.  Our mission is to fulfill God's will and put an end to hunger

To that end, and through His compassion, grace and mercy, we will work tirelessly to promote His plan to people of all faiths and to those with no faith, so that all of His ministries may be united in His great cause.

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The Challenge is- for every GREEN GIANT can donated, GREEN GIANT   will match  up to 6,000 cans.      HEB & GREEN GIANT  Flyer 

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OLG Gave the most donations to Catholic Charities for the 2019 Lenten Season.

First Home of 40 Cans For Lent. Council 8306, Helotes Texas Forty Cans for Lent founded in the Lenten Season Year of 2011

First Church Where it all began ,

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church,

13715 Riggs Rd., Helotes, Texas 78023.

Please watch our informational videos here  video1   video2 .

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